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Employment-Based Immigration

Employment based immigration allows employers to bring foreign workers from abroad to work in the United States. To obtain an employment visa an immigrant, in most cases, must be sponsored by an employer in the United States.

The Law Offices of Lakshmi Lakshmanan, Ltd. can assist employers or immigrants in obtaining:

  • H-1B visas: Allows U.S. employers to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations (for example, highly specialized knowledge in architecture, mathematics, or engineering).
  • L visas: Available to employees of an international company with offices in both a home country and the United States. The visa allows foreign workers (executives or managers) to relocate to their corporation’s U.S. offices (intracompany transfers).
  • J visas: Allows foreign nationals to come to the U.S. for a wide variety of educational and cultural exchange programs.
  • O visas: Available to individuals who demonstrate extraordinary ability in the arts, education, sciences, and have achieved international acclaim.
  • P visas: Provides for certain foreign-based athletes and entertainment groups to come to the United States temporarily.
  • R visas:  Allows for religious workers (ministers, pastors, others working in a religious vocation or occupation) to work in the United States for up to 5 years.
  • TN visas:  Permits nationals of Canada and Mexico to legally work in the United States in certain select occupations.
  • Legal Permanent Resident (green card) status through employment

In addition to the above listed visas, the Law Offices of Lakshmi Lakshmanan, Ltd. can assist you with a variety of other employment-based non-immigrant visas.


Family-Based Immigration

Family based immigration allows U.S. citizens and Legal Permanent Residents (green card holders) to sponsor certain family members for legal permanent residence status (green cards).

U.S. citizens can sponsor their spouse, unmarried or married children, parents, and brothers and sisters for green cards. A U.S. Citizen can also sponsor their fiancé (a K1 visa) or their spouse (a K3 visa) for visas that allow them to come to the United States faster. Green card holders can only sponsor their spouse and unmarried children.

In certain situations, U.S. citizens and green card holders may assist relatives in adjusting their status to become a green card holder, once in the United States.

The Law Offices of Lakshmi Lakshmanan, Ltd. can assist individuals in obtaining:

  • Family sponsorship and fiancé/spousal visas
  • Immigrant Visa Petitions (I-130)
  • Fiancé (K1, K2) / Spousal (K3, K4) visas
  • Removal of Conditions on legal permanent residency
  • Adjustment / Change of Status
  • Child Status Protection Act
  • U.S. Citizenship

In addition, the Law Offices of Lakshmi Lakshmanan, Ltd. can assist individuals with green card renewals, affidavits of support, appeals, motions to reopen, etc.


Removal/Deportation Defense (Immigration Court Proceedings)

Immigrants have a right to challenge their deportation and have the right to an attorney in all court hearings. Being in deportation proceedings can be daunting, which is why individuals should seek the advice and guidance of an immigration attorney.  An attorney can assist an immigrant in defending against deportation.

There are a variety of defenses against deportation; however one’s eligibility is dependent upon the facts of their case and prior immigration violations, benefits sought, etc.  Lakshmi has experience before the Chicago immigration courts; please contact her for a consultation.


Other Temporary Visas – Student and Visitor Visas, Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Visitor and student visas are available to individuals interested in coming to the United States on a temporary basis. Other non-immigrant visa classifications are also available.  Each visa classification has its own eligibility guidelines; therefore it is important to seek the advice and guidance of an experienced immigration attorney to help in identifying potential visa options available and the associated requirements.  Please contact Lakshmi for a consultation to review your options for non-immigrant visas.

Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) provides for certain individuals who entered the United States prior to the age of 16 to gain employment authorization.  DACA does not provide a legal immigration status; however allows an undocumented individual to gain employment authorization and have deportation proceedings deferred.  Lakshmi has strong experience in obtaining DACA for clients, please contact her for a consultation.